Mahinestan Raheb historical house is belonged to ghajar era which is
over 250 years old.

Special view of the historical house
in your Room

This hotel has three separate courtyards as an inner courtyard, an outer courtyard and a crew courtyard, and foreign and Iranian services in the courtyard. The most important architectural spaces of the building are two mirages, Shahneshin, entrance vestibule, summer porch, winter porch and a wind tower.
The combination of modern facilities and equipment with the historical environment of this house brings a very enjoyable stay for the travelers of this hotel.


Unique sections of our historical house

Whether you're looking for a romantic evening out, a quick bite in the afternoon, or a laid-back family meal, our contemporary restaurants are the perfect choice for any occasion - all with stunning views of our historical house.


Our historic house restaurant with beautiful decor and a cozy atmosphere is suitable for a delicious culinary and recreational experience. The restaurant menu includes Iranian dishes made with the best quality ingredients. By using this section, guests can spend happy moments in a chic and pleasant environment and obtain good memories of our historic house.


Our historic hotel cafe is suitable for a pleasant recreational and culinary experience, with beautiful decor and a cozy atmosphere. The cafe menu includes coffee, hot and cold drinks, pastries, and light snacks. By using this section, guests can spend happy moments in a chic and pleasant environment and obtain good memories of our historic hotel.


The gallery section of our historic hotel reflects the culture and history of the region. It includes an exhibition of old pictures, paintings, and objects that give visitors the opportunity to become familiar with the history and culture of the area. Every month, the gallery showcases a temporary exhibition of new objects and images collected in collaboration with museums and ancient artifacts of the region.

Welcome to a world of tranquility and relaxation.


With Spa

Our historic hotel's spa section, with its beautiful decor and relaxing atmosphere, is suitable for a delightful experience of various hydrotherapy facilities, invigorating massages, and body and beauty treatments. Guests can enter a world of abundant tranquility and vitality and have a unique experience of complete care for their body and soul.


Founder of the
Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

The Mahinestan Raheb Institute is a historical house located in Kashan, Iran, established with the aim of preserving and promoting Iranian hospitality, art, and culture. The founder of this center is also a person who had the idea of creating such a place and brought it to reality

Mrs. Mahindokht Madani

The historical house of Mrs. Mahindokht Madani (mahinestan), formerly known as Shah Yalani House, is one of the valuable Qajar buildings with a history of about two centuries, located in the heart of Kashan's historical fabric. The original owner of this house was the late Haj Aqa Mohammad Shah Yalani, a well-known merchant with influence in Kashan. Years after his passing, in 2010 (1389 SH), his granddaughter, Mrs. Mahin Dokht Madani (Mrs. raheb), purchased the house for the purpose of its restoration and preservation. Due to her great interest in preserving this valuable historical monument and reviving the sweet memories of her childhood, Mrs. raheb, with the support of her husband, Mr. Haj Majid raheb, who is known as the Sultan of Iranian perfumes and rose water (Golab-e Rabee), undertook the reconstruction and restoration of this valuable building. It is currently being operated as a historical residence called Mahinestan Raheb Institute.


The history of Hotel

The building of Mahinestan Raheb Hotel dates back to 200 years ago, during the Qajar era, and it was constructed in the Qajar and Pahlavi architectural styles. The hotel was formerly known as Shah Yalani House and was used as a residence until the Pahlavi era. It is one of the old houses of Kashan that underwent reconstruction under the supervision of architect Seyed Ali Akbar Helli in 2010 (1389 SH). The restoration of the hotel was completed in 2014 (1393 SH), after which it was converted into a 4-star hotel in Kashan and was soon recognized as the most luxurious hotel in the city by the Cultural Heritage Organization. This historical house was registered as a national monument in 2005 (1384 SH).